I attempt to grade papers each evening if at all possible.  These grades will be entered at least once every two days (usually nightly!) and can be viewed on the parent portal website.  

Due to differences in ability and choices made through Personalized Learning, I allow students to work at their own pace throughout the week.  An "M" for missing will be entered in the gradebook for assignments not turned in by the date that most of the students have completed it.  Missing work and failing grades can be completed/corrected before the end of the grading cycle.  If you feel that your student would benefit from bringing home their uncompleted work each afternoon, that is a modification that I will do on a case by case basis.  

Corrections are to be completed according to our campus policy within 5 days.  Tests can be  corrected or retaken the higher of the two attempts. Some retakes are in a different format.  Students will need to correct or redo tests during free time in class or after school with a parent note.  A notification will be sent home that includes the test grade and days available for redos.  Daily work can be corrected from Wednesday folder and returned for adjusted grade!

Graded papers will be sent home on Wednesday afternoons in their MVP folder.
Corrections/Retakes/Incomplete work technically should be taken care of within five days.  If you are unsure when an assignment was due/graded...please contact me.  As long as grades are formally posted for the grading cycle...I usually will take it!

Final Note:  I realize it would be easy to complete your student's work for them while it is at home, but I caution parents to not "cheat" in this manner as this action will hamper your student's learning.  Unit tests and state assessments are completed at school with no outside assistance.  That being said, reteaching and some parent explanations/assistance is key to their success and fully supported by me.  If your student is quite a bit behind in work and you would like to "play secretary" and do the writing while they dictate to my guest (just send me a heads up.  I'll notice the difference in handwriting!)