Positive Behavior/Discipline Procedures/Swarm Storm

The 3rd grade team will be using Class Dojo for a positive behavior  system.  It also helps us focus on what a student and/or class is doing correctly, versus always focusing on the negative choices.  All 5 teachers will share the same set up in Class Dojo, allowing classes to bank up compliments for both individual rewards. 

Discipline Procedures are campus wide.  Students can "earn" checks for negative choices.  The first check is a warning, 2nd check = parent contact, 3rd check= teacher detention, and 4th check=office referral.   Office referral can result in multiple office detentions and/or ISS.    Severe behavior (ie fighting, etc) will result in an automatic office referral (not going through the normal check system!)

SWARM STORM--Students that stay away from any office referrals, pass all their classes, and have 0,1, or 2 absences are invited to Swarm Storm for some awesome celebrations of their success in school.  Students that earn Swarm Storm 4 of 5 of the grading cycles will be invited to an end of year celebration in May.