Contact Me!

Charlotte Howard  (Room 304)
Tulia Elementary 
800 NW 9th Street
Tulia, TX  79088

Phone: 806-995-4304 (Classroom Phone)

Conference times can be scheduled before school, after school, or during some conference periods during PE/Music time for students.   Please give me some I can prevent double bookings and value your time as well.

I welcome all parent contact, however phone calls during instruction time will be relayed through the campus office to my voice mail.  Email messages will be answered at least daily (and usually faster than voice mail).  If you've not received some response from me within 24 hours, please assume that I didn't receive your email and try again (or another method of contact!)

Students also have a Gmail account, however they may only email Tulia staff members.  Please keep in mind that all emails are archived by our district and can be retrieved at anytime!